919 15Th Ave, Longview, WA, 98632 

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Reviewed by: montanagirl1138 on: 2017-07-18
The website is wrong or the employees are ripping off people. According to the website, the lunch specials include soup, rice, crab puffs, and an egg roll. However, when I called i was told that the only thing included was rice OR an egg roll. I was very disappointed. Pleas update the website!!
Reviewed by: Wiseaz51 on: 2017-04-20
Best Chinese food I've tasted in years. We loved our meal. The portions are huge. Place is clean and the person who waited on us was very friendly. I'm happy to refer the Panda Inn Restaurant to anyone who will listen 🙂
Reviewed by: dwp on: 2016-01-15
The individual apparently angry about the cat may very well have a good point. I don't know, because he doesn't make the issue at all clear, and his writing is so ignorant and vulgar that he might as well have not written it at all. My comment -- I like the food. It's the best Chinese food in the area.
Reviewed by: anonymous on: 2015-10-17
This is very unfortunate. I enjoy your food but I will not be doing business there again. Garrett Wp Girardin Garrett Wp Girardin OK go for I don't care my boss knows me and my gf and she not gonna take ur fucking word or give a fuck that I was rude to u for trying to find this cat a fucking home Like · Reply · 5 mins
Reviewed by: anonymous on: 2015-10-17
Garrett Wp Girardin "Wow every single one of u are fucking stupid. U guys have no fucking clue. I found this cat and yes it stays behind panda I would know cuz I work there. And all of u are giving my gf shit for doing what I asked her to do cuz I wanted to find this cats owner or a fucking home and u guys just fucking critics her and give her shit. U guys r fucking retarded we have had this cat with us for maybe a fucking hour and all we are trying to do is find it a nice place to live instead of digging threw all the fucking trash like I see it do every time I am at work. So fuck all of u bitches that don't know shit"


Top 100 Chinese Restaurants (Overall Excellence)